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Hi lovelies! ♥

So, I'm finally back! With 110 icons *phew* hope you like them!


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09 September 2009 @ 09:42 pm
It was about time this got updated. Hopefully there'll be a new icon post up sometime in the next week or so :)

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04 April 2009 @ 10:24 pm
Hi lovelies! ♥

Wow, it's been kind of a long time since my last post. This past week I've fallen in love with Primeval in a big big way. Head over heels in fact. So I just had to make icons. Mostly Claudia/Jenny and Nick but the others pop up occasionally as well.


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24 February 2009 @ 06:05 pm
Hi lovelies! ♥

Okay, part two of the Morgana/Everyone picspam is here! This part has Morgana/Uther and Morgana/Gwen, plus extras (Morgana/Valiant, Morgana/Sophia with bonus Morgana/Arthur because I couldn't resist, and Morgana/Arthur/Merlin, because that's just how I roll. And you can't deny, it's a sexy threesome).

Click here for a link to part one - Morgana/Arthur and Morgana/Merlin.

Lots of images in this one, sorry guys :p Hehe.

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23 February 2009 @ 06:43 pm
Hi lovelies ♥

Been rewatching Merlin again and once more falling in love with the pretty. Morgana in particular, because she's just stunning and I totally ship her with everybody (well....maybe not with Gaius, haha). I love her with Arthur especially, but I haven't seen that many fans of this ship around. I ship everyone with anyone though, pretty much. I love me some Arthur/Merlin and Morgana/Gwen. I even kind of like Morgana/Sophia...ooo the tension! And the accusations of jealously set my Arthur/Morgana heart a-flutter!

Anyway, I have part one of a Morgana/Everyone picspam. This part has Morgana/Merlin and Morgana/Arthur.

*in a non-slutty way of course, she's a lady*

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22 January 2009 @ 07:31 pm
Hi lovelies! ♥

Well, it's been a while but I have new icons! Some of these have been sitting around on my computer since the end of November, so I'm dumping them all in here, haha.

Doctor Who - Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways, The Empty Child, Blink (43)
Torchwood - Misc. episodes and promo shots (20)
Misc - Skins, John Barrowman, Wallace and Gromit (03)


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25 November 2008 @ 05:02 pm
Title: ‘What the Lobster Saw.’
Authors: Abby (cherry_soup888) and Lucy (lucy_locket)
Warnings/Spoilers: Oh I can’t even…begin to describe…Just erm…slash. And shark metaphors. And bad porn lol.
Characters: Ben/Esai (Esai - Mexican Guy. Or Mexican Gay as Lucy called him.)
Disclaimer: We don’t own Shark Attack 3 Megalodon. We do – the DVD version, we have one each. But the copyright no, no we don’t. We probably should. We could do it awesome. But alas, we are not allowed to direct giant growling sharks. I don’t know why.
Summary: Lobster, Sex, Mousse – in that order. With jazz. As you should all know the film is pretty fucking bad, in a completely awesome and brilliant way – we have REALLY TRIED to mirror this for Lucy’s first ever smut, its as amazing as the film itself. Yet more so. We wrote this together, a few lines each over msn (mostly Lucy coz I made her do fingering, orgasms, the title and the last line lol, it’s about 70% her 30% me.)
A/N from Abby: Okay. So Shark Attack 3 Megalodon is the funniest film I personally, have ever seen. I’ve barely laughed that much ever. Me and Lucy love it and decided Ben (John Barrowman) was blatantly trying to seduce Esai (his little life guard friend in the film.) Hence – smut was born.
Now if you have never seen this film you ARE missing out.
John is fucking brilliant. The shark’s hilarious, the woman is bizarre, uploading has never been so easy, lever action has never been so frequent and the ‘Wave of Death’ has never been so utterly amazing.
Sharks can growl, Ben uses (a by now INFAMOUS) chat up line, boob shots are cut in for seemingly no reason and Mexico is generally THE PLACE TO BE.
So long as Megalodon can’t get you.
A Note from Lucy: First of all, I'm so, so sorry. This is like the worst cliché sex ever. And Abby, it's more like 60-40, hehe. She wrote most of the good sex, and I wrote the boring stuff. Also, I am kind of mortified that we're showing this to people. I haven't written anything in a long time – at least not anything to be read by others – let alone gay porn! So forgive me, haha. Also, I must take credit for the title. Abby can take credit for the good bits of the porn, and reminding me about the forgotten mousse. Also, please note that this is not to be taken seriously, although I hardly think this needs explaining, considering the movie, hehe.
Abby Again: Don’t listen to LUCY, SHE WROTE GOOD SEX.
Word Count: 4004 words, go us!

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Hi my lovelies! ♥

Yet another new look. But I like this one, so I think it's staying. I know, I know, I've said that before. Haha.

I have a bunch of icons for you today. Some Torchwood, some John, and some Shark Attack 3. I made my own caps of Shark Attack 3, you guys! The icons kind of suck but I'm posting them anyway, for the lulz. Also, there are some icons from recent icon battles I did with lenyia and throwthebones (togther we're Jones & Bones, haha) some of which I've posted before. But I didn't post them to the comms so here they are again. Yay.

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29 October 2008 @ 12:35 pm
Hi my lovelies! ♥

Yay for icon battles, and yay for the lovely, talented lenyia. Rather crazily (haha) we decided to go for a fourth round. And OMG THEY WERE THE CAPS OF DOOM! But somehow, we made it through, haha. I'd love to go for another round, but this time I'm definitely looking harder for better caps, haha.

Anyway, on to the icons!


Take anything you like! But if you take anything, please credit myself or lenyia. Mine are on the left, and Lenyia's are on the right.
Please don't hotlink.
Let us know what you think =D I dunno about Lenyia, but I'm a comment whore.

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22 October 2008 @ 03:05 pm
Hello, my lovelies! ♥

Had a blast at The Hub over the weekend! Met some amazing people and laughed a hell of a lot. There's nothing like sitting on a train discussing Shark Attack 3 in depth and getting weird looks from people while trying to control our giggles - or talking about Torchwood till gone 3am following the most amazing unrehearsed play ever. I met smirnoffmule briefly during the weekend, and spazzed over her amazing photographs, so as soon as I got home I started making some graphics. They're nowhere near as good as the amazing ones posted by lenyia and explodeyy but here they are. I've also included some icons I've made for tw_hush over the past few weeks.


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